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Choose Your Own Path Contest

Via BoardGameGeek: The Game Crafter is running a choose your own “path” game contest. The main requirement is writing a CYOA in book format (even though their example games are all in card format) that plays in less than an hour. Additional board-gamification is encouraged, though somewhat limited by the $50 price ceiling. (Prices at The Game Crafter are fixed by the components used.)

While a gamebook contest seems more appropriate to DriveThru RPG than The Game Crafter, the prizes are reasonably tempting. One downside is that the game must be fully ready to sell in their store, which means creating a lot of extra assets, most onerously a semi-mandatory video. Entries are due circa August 22nd.

BGG Threader

I recently made a BoardGameGeek thread formatter along the lines of my BoardGameGeek sorters. It’s intended mainly to nicely format game FAQs that appear in the forums rather than in the wiki, but it will handle any thread to the extent that the BoardGameGeek API handles it. A few more details are available here.

Boskone 59

Boskone, New England’s longest-running science fiction and fantasy convention, is happening both in person and online this year. The schedule is online, and I’m on it.

PrePub 1.1.2

PrePub, my Twine “proofing” format for converting a purely choice-based (no scripting) Twine story to a hyperlinked EPUB book (with help from pandoc), is up another minor increment. I added conversion to Pandoc/markdown from tiddlywiki formatting (the wiki style of the several non-markdown-based default story formats). It handles some other non-Snowman idiosyncracies as well.

The to-do list is more formalized now, and besides respecting some of the special passages and tags introduced in Gordian Book, there is now also WritingFantasy to consider.

I’ve been using Magit lately, and this release was also intended to clean up a small Magit accident involving my master branch. I have learned to be more careful when it asks me where I want to push to.

Choose Your Own History

Via Reddit: YouTube channel Toy Galaxy gives a brief history of Choosing Your Own Adventure titled The Rise & Fall & Rise of Choose Your Own Adventure Books. New to me were the DVD and Audible/Alexa version, some details of the merger-driven corporate abandonment of the series, the weakness of ChooseCo’s trademark at this point, and (nevertheless) the settlement of the Netflix trademark lawsuit. The only howler in there was his calling Lone Wolf a “copycat” book.

If you prefer an unpunctuated transcript, you can read one here, but you’ll miss the excitingly retro DVD commercial.