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Kids' Choice

Publishers Weekly reports on a recent increase in Choose Your Own Adventure-style books, including some interactive graphic novels, on the market: Kids in Charge: Choose-Your-Fate Fiction Kicks into High Gear


I’m using Scrivener 3 with Scree this NaNoWriMo (and yes, I’m behind already), but I’ve always dreamed of a Scrivener with a plain-text backend. There are ways to work around Scrivener’s RTF file format, and it has features I can’t give up (yet), but I’m still taking a longing look at Manuskript, a Linux-first open source Scrivener-style editor that uses a plain-text file format.


Gentlemen, start your novels!

Horizontal Paloma

In response to a request on Discord, I’ve provided some user CSS and JavaScript for my Twine story format Paloma, a non-drop-in replacement for the popular Twine 1 stretchtext story format Jonah, to make it imitate Leon Arnott’s horizontally-scrolling Jonah variant Journal. (I also added Journal to the story format catalog.) I found the scrolling a bit too slow for my tastes, but dealing with that would probably mean some internal changes to the story format, or going the way Leon went with a separate story format (which, of course, I would have to name Palomar).

In any event, the fiddling uncovered some Twine 1 bugs in Paloma, probably having to do with the initial refactoring to make the same codebase handle Twine 1 and 2, and hence to a newly repaired version of Paloma: 1.1.2. Twine 2 users should be unaffected either way.

Sub-Q's Interactive Flash Love Jam

The announcement from Sub-Q includes two options, the actual game jam at itch.io, or a proposal option similar to their usual proposal submission process. The theme is love of any sort, and there’s a word limit: the interactive stories can present only 1000 words of content to the user.

I’m thinking of it as a flash fiction market on that account, and I’m hoping it also means that the usual structural requirements (or heavy-handed suggestions, if you prefer) one finds in hypertext markets like Sub-Q and Choice of Games won’t apply—so I may even submit. If you’re new to interactive fiction, they sound quite supportive and you should probably try it, too.