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About Enscree

Enscree is my one-time-use story format for exporting a Twine 2 story into a MultiMarkdown format used for importing into Scrivener/Scree. This is not a task that a twee can do. Enscree creates an HTML file that in turn creates (and possibly downloads) the plain text MultiMarkdown file.


To add Enscree to Twine 2, use this URL (under Formats > Add a New Format): https://mcdemarco.net/tools/scree/enscree/format.js

If you want to run Enscree with a twee compiler like TweeGo or Twee2, you should use it like a normal story format to create the story, then open the story in a browser to prompt the creation and possibly download of the plain text markdown file.


The current version is 1.1.1, with a bracket bugfix (h/t AnotherRPGEnthusiast).

The previous version was 1.1.0, which output a MultiMarkdown file with Unix newlines, archived here.

The previous previous version was 1.0.1, which output Windows linefeeds, archived here.