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plain text converter

This is a beta version of a forthcoming sffms to plain text converter. Upload a story file (e.g., oveja.tex) and it will returned to you in plain-text format. Since this is a beta, you should edit the output in a text editor before emailing it to anyone.

Italics and other fonts will be handled as specified below. Text that the converter cannot interpret will be put in [[double brackets]]. The output file will have the extension .txt and may be downloaded automatically, depending on your browser. No copy of your story is saved on the server.

conversion form

Handle italics with:
*single asterisks* **double asterisks**
_single underscores_ __double underscores__
no distinguishing markup

Handle the sffms \thought{} command the same way as:
italics (above)
errors ([[thought]])

Handle boldface the same way as:
italics (above)
errors ([[bold]])

Handle small caps the same way as:
italics (above)
errors ([[smallcaps]])

Convert this file:

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